Features — Billing

Seamless Payments, Anytime, Anywhere

Collect cash, card, or check payments from anywhere in the world. Get paid faster with automatic processing, split payouts, and run your club with ease and efficiency!

PreFlight’s Detailed Transaction Timeline

Effortlessly manage your finances with PreFlight’s stylish Transaction Details screen. Our intuitive interface clearly communicates the transaction timeline, showcasing every detail from payment initiation to completion.

Instant Account Top-Ups from Your Dashboard

Adding funds to your account has never been simpler! With PreFlight, your members can easily top up right from the dashboard using Credit Card or ACH. Seamlessly manage balances and keep your operations running smoothly with just a few clicks.

Operational Reports That Actually Report ​

Analyze your data easily and efficiently so you can focus on what matters:  Making the right decisions for your operation! Dig into custom reports to assess the details of your day to day in a clear and concise way.