Features — Scheduling

The Easiest Way To Schedule In The Industry

Drag and drop bookings allow users to easily schedule flights; simply resize for longer or shorter flights. Adjust the calendar view to your needs. Innovative features designed with your operation in mind.

Let PreFlight Manage Dispatch How You Like It​

Keep it simple, keep it safe. PreFlight’s features guide your clients to the right information and the right choices, ensuring your pilots are well-informed before taking to the skies. Set your requirements, limits, and warnings to serve your operations best.

Navigate with Ease: Calendar Views

Say goodbye to scheduling chaos! With PreFlight’s versatile calendar views, you can toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly layouts. Instructors & aircraft views allow you to manage your most prized resources, while “My Schedule” gives users a tailored view of their personalized calendar.

Check In With Confidence

Streamline your post-flight routine with PreFlight’s comprehensive Check-In screen. More than just the basics, we’ve got everything you need: log instructor ground hours, track fuel reimbursements, and even account for pre-heat fees. It’s all here, making check-ins quick, thorough, and effortlessly efficient.

Manage Time Off and Pending Bookings

PreFlight empowers instructors with seamless scheduling flexibility. Designate regular or temporary time off directly on the schedule, and handle pending bookings effortlessly with the ability to approve or deny requests. Additionally, set “By Request Only” periods for more control over your availability.