Features – Learning

Course Management Made Easy

Effortlessly navigate your curriculum with PreFlight’s Courses page. Get a clear overview of all your Part 61 and Part 141 courses in one convenient place. Simplify course management and ensure your students’ success with our intuitive interface.

Craft Customized Courses

Design the perfect curriculum with PreFlight’s custom course creation. Specify every detail, from the title and description to the objective and completion standards. Tailor your courses to meet your exact needs, ensuring clear goals and measurable outcomes for your students.

Raise Standards
With Ease

Elevate your training programs with PreFlight’s advanced course creation. Divide your courses into stages, lessons, and tasks, and set specific hour requirements for flight time, ground time, and sim time. Tailor every aspect to ensure thorough, structured, and effective learning for your students.

PreFlight’s Flexible Lesson Grading

Keep your grading on track with PreFlight’s offline lesson grading feature. Instructors can assess lessons without internet access, ensuring their work is saved even when flying. Track and categorize individual hours spent on each lesson effortlessly.