Two simple plans, full feature access.
No hubs, no add-ons, yes value.

Standard Plan - Per Resource


No additional club fees. A resource is considered as an active aircraft or an instructor. $250 setup fee.

  • Unlimited locations
  • Feature-rich scheduling tools
  • Billing & Point of Sale tools
  • Integrated maintenance tools
  • Customizable learning management system
  • Member chat features
  • Free secure file storage
  • Dedicated support

Partner Plan - Per Transaction


For flight schools, flight clubs, and commercial aviation operations. 0.5% fee on all bookings.

  • All standard features plus:
  • Prioritized custom feature development
  • Free onboarding/setup
  • 1x FREE payment terminal included
  • Unlimited aircraft/instructors
  • 2 hour support response
  • Social media/event advertising
  • Direct communication access via Slack

PreFlight's Partner Pricing Plan

Our Partner Pricing Plan is perfect for clubs of all sizes, offering flexibility to pass costs on to pilots or absorb them yourself. Ideal for smaller clubs seeking scalable options or larger clubs wanting to avoid monthly fees, this plan fits everyone.

Here’s how it works: For each booking, credit card fees are seamlessly added to any service fees, so pilots only see one transparent charge. Plus, our competitive credit card fees ensure pilots pay less while enjoying the best flight scheduling software on the market.