Features – Maintenance

Stay on Top of Your Maintenance

Keep your fleet in top shape with PreFlight’s sleek maintenance reminders. Our clean interface delivers concise information at a glance, while pre-built reminder templates ensure you never miss a critical check. Effortless maintenance management, all in one place.

Custom Tailored Maintenance Alerts

With PreFlight, customizing maintenance reminders is a breeze. Create alerts based on meter or time, choose what metrics to track, set your interval period, and decide when to be alerted to upcoming maintenance. Stay proactive and keep your fleet in perfect condition with precision-tailored notifications.

Maintenance Overview: Maximum Oversight

Get a complete snapshot of your fleet with PreFlight’s Maintenance Overview screen. View all maintenance reminders and track squawks in one simple, comprehensive display. Go full screen and leave it open for your staff to reference anytime, ensuring everyone stays informed, and your aircraft remain in top condition.

Report Squawks with Ease in PreFlight

Keep your members and staff safe with PreFlight’s effortless squawk reporting. Our user-friendly system allows anyone to quickly report issues and ground planes that need attention, preventing unsafe situations. With PreFlight, safety is simple and effective, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a secure flying experience for all.